Restoring Balance with Aleah

Offering Thai Bodywork

Meet Aleah

Aleah is a 26 year old bodywork practitioner soon to be offering services in Brooklyn, New York (USA).

Aleah is passionate about creating a safe space for healing. She believes in harm-reduction principles and works to be trauma-informed with all her clients.

Aleah has over 100 hours of Thai Bodywork training, has been practicing since June 2018 and also offers experienced knowledge of CBD & other cannabinoids.

Why Thai?

Thai massage is an ancient practice that is great for improving flexibility, range of motion & circulation. From young athletes to the older generation, everyone can benefit from Thai massage! The practice combines assisted stretching, massage & breathing for a holistic experience. The best thing about Thai massage is that it can be customized to ANY BODY! You don’t have to be flexible to receive the benefits!

Aleah also highly recommends the use of CBD products to enhance the effects of her practice before, during & after your sessions.

Philosophies Behind the Practices

Thai bodywork is just one branch of the overall Thai Medical Theory which has been in practice for thousands of years in Thailand. Thai medical theory focuses on the 5 elements Earth, Water, Wind, Fire & Space. The philosophy is that all things are comprised of these 5 elements and when someone is experiencing dis-ease, it is due to the imbalance of their elemental constitution. Many believe that this theory comes from Ayurveda but the truth is that Ayurveda was born from the seeds of Thai Medical Theory making its way from Thailand to India.

A Thai bodywork practitioner focuses on working the ‘Sen’ lines of the body. Thai ‘Sen’ lines are different from Chinese ‘Zen’ in that they correspond with physical arteries, ligaments, tendons & muscles whereas ‘Zen’ lines correspond with energetic channels. Thai massage looks different than traditional massage. Thai massage happens on a mat so the practitioner can use their leverage.

The art of cupping has been used in almost every ancient culture around the world at some point. Many attribute cupping to Chinese medicine but the Chinese weren’t the only folks to discover that creating a little suction in areas where someone is experiencing pain can help reduce inflammation, break up stagnation & improve circulation. Cupping is a great addition to any body- or energy work session as it assists in deepening the practice and yielding surprisingly quick results.